Winston's Gourmet Dog Treats

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Who We Are

We strive to make the best dog treats using only the finest organic ingredients available.  A portion of each sale is donated to animal rescues.  Most rescues operate without physical shelter walls and depend upon volunteers and donations to be able to save animals in need.  Without them Winston would not be here today. "We Proudly Support Animal Rescues". 
Saving "One Dog" does not change the world but for that "One Dog" the world does change forever....

Winston's Story
Winston was placed in a drop box at night at the Andalusia Animal Shelter in rural Andalusia, Alabama during the summer of 2013.  He was left with no name and no information.  The shelter named him "Bob the Beagle".  He was at the shelter for a long time and his time was running out.  On October 5, 2013, he took his ride to freedom.. He went to live with his foster mom "Shari" and her pack.  On Thanksgiving Eve I viewed his profile on-line and made the decision to adopt him. 

Bears Legacy

This was Bear, a beloved Beagle who lived life to the fullest everyday.  After his passing his owner knew there would be no way to fill that void.  In his honor she decided to "foster" for a rescue. From that Bear's Legacy was started.  Winston is part of that Legacy.  In his honor, Bear, we have named a paw print cookie after him, because every dog leaves a paw print on your heart.  

Start your own Legacy today, foster for an animal rescue.

In keeping with that Legacy, we started rescuing dogs.  Your support of our products enable us to rescue, pay their medical expenses and find them new families. All our dogs come spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, and up to date on shots.  If interested in adopting a dog please use our contact page.

Meet "Bama"  our first rescue,  he was stuck in a rural Alabama shelter with his time running out.  We pulled him from the shelter, had him completely vetted and transported to Delaware.  He now resides in Newark, with his new family.

Meet "Cooper" he was stuck in a rural shelter and unfortunately heartworm positive, His life mattered to us, we had him treated and he has fully recovered.  He is available for adoption.  He is 2-3 years old, great with kids, other dogs and house - broken.  

Adoption Pending!! 

Bryant is a nine month old puppy that came into the shelter with chemical burns on his back.  We have "Pledged to Rescue" him.  He is still awaiting rescue.

Found as a stray and very pregnant a shelter is no place to have puppies.  We "Pledged to Rescue" her.  Saved by Sandi Paws Rescue of Wisconsin.

Yet another Black Lab that was "overlooked" by adopters.  We "Pledged to Rescue" him.  He has been saved.

As with any dog owner you want to give them treats, but many treats contain added preservatives and chemicals. Some contain ingredients of unknown origins.  With so many re-calls on the market  I decided to make my own dog treats with Winston's help, as you can see he loves to bake.  All our ingredients are US origin human grade not animal feed grade ingredients.  My husband owns a deli  and I started taking my extra's over for the customers.  From there the demand grew and we started Winston's Dog Biscuit Company. 

Our Products are baked in a state certified and inspected retail facility.  Following all safe food handling procedures.  

Meet "Victor" he was scared and shut-down in a rural Alabama shelter.  We pulled him from the shelter, he spent four months with our foster before coming to New Jersey where he currently resides with his very patient family

Sometimes its just fate,  While watching the fourth of July fireworks a friend mentioned that they wanted to adopt a "Boston Terrier".  Well two days later, there he was. He had been dumped along side a road.  He now resides in Newark, Delaware

Jenna is one of eight dogs left in a trailer to fend for themselves when the owners moved out.  We "Pledged to Rescue"

her and Rottie Empire of New York saved her.

Lee is a 2-3 year old Bassett-Pointer cross. She is super cute.  We have "Pledged to Rescue" her.  She is still awaiting rescue. 

Absolutely heart breaking.  Wayne was a senior beagle that lived a very hard life.  He was picked up as a stray.  We "Pledged to Rescue" him.  He was saved by Sasha's Hope of Alabama.

Beautiful Black Lab found as a stray.  His owner newer came for him.  Many black dogs are "overlooked" so we "Pledged to Rescue" him.  He has been saved.